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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 6, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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this is "news4 midday." good morning, everyone and "news4 midday," i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, june 6, 2012. breaking news now off the top at this midday, police have a suspect in custody in connection to a deadly shooting at a metro station. someone shot and killed a man last night at the southern avenue metro station in temple hills. police say the victim was standing near a bus stop around 9:30 when a gunman shot him in the head and then took off. police are expected to speak about the arrest in had shooting later this hour. we'll bring you more details as they become available to us.
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this morning in prince george's county, a woman is being credited with her quick thinking and possibly saving lives. she pulled the fire alarm at an apartment building when she discovered smoke. the fire broke out at 6:30 this morning in the 5600 block of regency court in suitland. news4's erica has more. >> reporter: it's still an active scene. firefighters are still trying to knock down a lot of the damage and take out, you can see there from the window, a lot of the destroyed furniture and so forth. meanwhile, what we know is that about 30 people have been displaced. and the damages are at least at the quarter million-dollar mark. it took nearly 100 prince george's county firefighters to tackle this three-alarm fire at the andrews ridge apartments in suitland this morning. >> with that fire on the terrace level, there's nowhere to go but up for the fire. so it basically ha ecall leapfrogs from balcony to
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balcony. >> reporter: crews had to work for an hour to contain the blaze. there were reports of hoarding on the first level. a highly flammable and dangerous situation they say. crews hosed down the garden-style apartments. tore through windows and eventually made their way to the roof. jessica hanson said she saw plumes of smoke, ran out of her and her brother's third-story apartment and pulled the fire alarm. >> i'm in the army national guard. so we're, we're equipped to act fast. >> she said they lost their cat in the flames, but managed to salvage the most important thing -- their late mother's remains in this urn. >> i was just praying that god kept the urn safe. so everything else can be replaced. >> meanwhile, this mother of two says the smoke was so intense, she and her family were forced to make a daring escape. >> we had to take the kids and dump them off the balcony. >> the cause of the fire is
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under investigation. meanwhile, many of the tenants that we spoke to say they were fortunate enough to have renter's insurance. we're live in suitland, erica, news4. thank you, erica. and new overnight, excessive speed is to blame for an accident that killed a mother and daughter. it happened just before 11:00 on lehigh way near jermantown road in fairfax county, virginia. police say the woman was speeding down lee highway when she lost control, sideswiping an suv and slamming into a minivan that was turning. 27-year-old dejan layer williams was pronounced dead at the scene and 6-year-old faith williams later died at the hospital. her 8-year-old sister remains in critical condition this morning. one witness told us it was the worst accident he has ever seen. >> you couldn't even tell it was a minivan or you know, a sedan. i mean it was just -- crushed, both of them were crushed. >> firefighters had to peel the
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roof off the minivan back to free the other driver. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. and we're going to check the midday task now with danella sealock. danella, good morning. >> good morning, barbara, we have it look out if you're traveling in northwest d.c. we have a crash that temporarily is closing new hampshire avenue between rock creek church road and quincy street. please be aware of that, if that is your commute. let's head over to i-66, road work continues again today eastbound as you make your way past nutley, you can see that that left lane is blocked again today. and we are seeing some delays as you make your way to the beltway. you're slow at about 32 miles per hour. 18 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. turning to the weather now, sunshine out there, a few clouds as you can see, beautiful, though, the weather is just perfect. tom, can we keep this? >> it is absolutely gorgeous. i was just outside enjoying it. i love the puffy cumulus clouds, the white clouds, gray bottoms
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against the deep blue sky, just gorgeous. over the last 12 hours, we've had these clouds in and out this morning. but they've given way to a lot of sun across northern virginia and the district and much of maryland. a lot of clouds across quite a bit of virginia. especially the areas around the shenandoah valley near the blue ridge, the little patches of green. they're getting a few sprinkles of light rain, into culpepper county into rach rappahannock and a few sprinkles near charlottesville. as we look at temperatures now, it's near 70 in washington. and the nearby suburbs. and all around the region, it's comfortably dry. not too humid. and not too hot, just an absolutely perfect day under way. and for the rest of the afternoon, though, we'll likely see the clouds continuing to build. and we'll go partly sunny, and this is about a 40% chance of a passing thundershower developing by perhaps mid to late afternoon. before then, hitting the mid 70s. with a gentle southwesterly breeze, i'm going to show you a
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dramatic sunrise we had this morning. we'll look at big changes under way for the weekend. barbara. new today, a vote that could remove one obstacle blocking construction of phase two of metro's silver line. news4's tracee wilkins is at reagan national with the vote that took place a short time ago. >> reporter: just as it looked like the silver line was full speed ahead, another roadblock. this time from loudoun county. today, the executive board for the metropolitan washington airport authority tried to remove the roadblock. they're charged with growing washington's airports. but since taking over the silver line project, the executive board is learning how to move from being a business board, to a political one. >> politics shouldn't, really shouldn't be in this room. >> reporter: the board created a contract that would allow a union-friendly project labor agreement or pla, with the commonwealth of virginia it was used in phase one of the silver
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line a and was going to be used in phase two. but virginia has changed its laws regarding unions a few times since. voiding the original agreement. >> i think we have, we have been dealing now for a year with the commonwealth very collectly on this issue. and ihink we have learned that having a statement if them or their signature on kind of letter of intent type piece of paper really can't be relied on. >> reporter: then loudoun county further complicated matters when its board of supervisors threatened to withdraw the $150 million that was earmarked to help offset the total costs on the dulles toll road. as it stands, money from -- >> if the pla approach does not
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change. >> reporter: in order to keep the project moving, and to not see it delayed again -- the board reluctantly voted to remove language favoring a labor agreement with the hopes of k p keeping loudoun county and its millions on board. the board's ceo said federal labor laws should do enough to protect construction workers. while it was passed with only one dissent, most board members didn't appreciate being forced into an agreement without written labor and cost protections. >> i find it offensive that we are now going to change working conditions on the workers that have done an outstanding job in 100-degree heat, in freezing cold winters and we want to change the working conditions on them because of politics. >> reporter: now that the board has removed the labor agreement, it falls on loudoun county and they have until july 4th to decide if they're going to support this project. in reagan national airport, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. d.c. council chairman kwame
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brown is talking about the ongoing ethics probes that are becoming a big distraction in d.c. and the government here. he spoke to reporters after the council passed a new budget yesterday. brown says he has no plans to resign. he also says he did not do anything wrong in the 2008 election campaign. >> i don't think i broke any laws in the 2008 campaign. and that's all i'm going to say about the 2008 campaign. >> in the past month, the federal judge has sentenced former ward 5 councilmember harry thomas junior to prison for stealing city funds. and two former campaign aides to mayor vincent gray have pleaded guilty in a widening preeb in i the mayor's 2010 election campaign. nine minutes after 11:00. coming up, breaking news on redskins training camp. plus the space shuttle "enterprise" is on the move again today, where it will end up and how it's getting there. strong reaction to the results of the recall election in wisconsin. we'll have the latest on who came out on top.
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and drive like you, to see if your good driving could save you up to 30%. so, try the new way to save that's as unique as you are. snapshot -- only from progressive. right now on capitol hill, the senate banking committee is holding its first hearing on
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jpmorgan's $2 billion trading losses. the company says the money was in a portfolio that was supposed to manage the risks the bank takes with its own money. but bank officials say the portfolio turned out to be more volatile than first thought. ceo jamie dimon is scheduled to appear before the committee next week. wisconsin's governor, scott walker, survived a bitterly fought recall effort and will stay in office now. the republican defeated challenger, tom barrett, milwaukee's democratic mayor. walker told supporters his victory is an affirmation of political courage. >> voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> the recall challenge was the result of governor walker's divisive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers last year. walker is the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall election. and it was a tough night for milwaukee mayor, tom barrett. after his concession speech, one supporter actually slapped the
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democratic candidate for conceding. barrett says the woman was kind enough to ask if she could slap him. he told her that he would prefer to have a hug, that's when she went ahead and slapped him, anyway. no word if any charges will be filed. and, two developing stories in afghanistan today. there are reports that a predawn air strike killed civilians celebrating a wedding. villagers protested the nato air strike by driving vans filled with the bodies of five women and seven children and six men to the capital of logar province where the attack occurred. afghan officials say seven taliban militants were among the dead and in a separate occasion, two american pilots were killed. the cause of the helicopter crash is not clear at this time. a major blow for al qaeda, that's what the white house is calling the death of the terror group's second in command. abu yahya al libi was killed
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early monday morning in a u.s. drone strike in northwest pakistan. he was the operational leader and general manager of al qaeda. the white house says he was media-savvy and charismatic. which made him one of the terror group's best recruiters. al libi was considered a hero in militant circles after he escaped from a military prison in afghanistan. right now, the space shuttle "enterprise" is on its way to its new home. the shuttle left port elizabeth, new jersey, for the "uss intrepid" sea air and space museum this is video of the shuttle's trip on the hudson on sunday. "enterprise" should arrive at the museum around noon today. once at "intrepid" the shuttle will be lifted by crane on to the flight deck and put into position facing the hudson river. the process should take about three hours. the spacecraft exhibit is expected to open to the public in mid july. and we have breaking news on the redskins this morning.
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the team we're hearing is moving their training camp to richmond in 2013. so this is the last year you can watch the team practice at redskins park. the site of the training camp since 2003. we don't know the exact location of the new training camp just yet, but the team did check out vcu and city stadium in richmond earlier this year. the team is expected to make an official announcement sometime soon. great day to do anything outside. whether watch football or baseball or whatever. >> beautiful, tom. >> absolutely perfect now. last evening we had a lot of cloudiness around for the transit of venus, if you missed it, i'm sorry, we did have a lot of clouds, but there were a few breaks and our viewer, jim gemmil took this picture through his telescope. the black spot to the right of the sun, that is venus. there were some breaks in the clouds in warrenton, virginia, there were a bunch of kids there, he said they were thrilled to see this sight. because not going to be able to see it again for another 105
11:17 am
years, so quite a rare sight. and you can post any of your pictures to facebook or to look at the dawn sky over the potomac. we had this morning, from our city camera, high-definition view. this was at 5:30 this morning. the potomac, calm as a millpond. like a mirror, reflecting those irridescent pink clouds, absolutely gorgeous dawn. again send your photos to or post them to our facebook page. there's the sky over washington now. live view from the city camera. there's the washington monument, the jefferson memorial under the clouds and a blue sky just gorgeous now, 71 at reagan national. comfortably dry, dew point only 49. wind out of the east gently at around 5 miles per hour. over the last 12 hours, we've had a disturbance to our south, kicking off some showers around the central blue ridge and the central shenandoah valley and points east of there. the nearest shower activity is
11:18 am
near rappahannock county, it's tending to dry out. all the areas in the lighter green in the 60s to near 70 degrees, that covers all of virginia. all of maryland and up into pennsylvania. into west virginia, still a few locations the dark green areas are still in the 50s it includes parts of the shenandoah valley. eastern shore, the mid 60s. as we go forward over the next few days. all of these areas in green we saw pop up, those are some areas of maybe an isolated shower or thundershower developing this afternoon. then overnight tonight, we're clear out after midnight temporarily. during the day on thursday, all of these areas in green are zones of potential showers and thundershowers, a wider area. for tomorrow afternoon, and then as we get into thursday night, we'll have a fundamental shift in the weather patterns. winds will shift into the southwest and we'll warm up as we get toward the weekend. so for the afternoon, partly sunny, about a 40% chance of a shower or thundershower popping up. mid 70s mid afternoon. near 70 by sunset, which today is at 8:31. and just a partly cloudy
11:19 am
evening, any rain around will be dissipating by mid to late evening. by dawn tomorrow, temperatures will be down to the low 50s, once kban like they were this morning. so another chilly start. and unjune-like, that's for sure. during the afternoon, up near the average high, near 80 degrees. and maybe passing shower or thundershower greeting you as you head out perhaps late morning, during the afternoon on thursday. then friday, feeling like summer, into the low 80s and over the weekend. it's going to get hot. upper 80s, near 90 on saturday, sunday and monday and getting rather steamy. too, humidity back first part of next week. and i'm back in just a few minutes. >> it will seem like late summer later this week. let's check on the roads to see how things are moving, but before that we'll tell you what's coming up on "news4 midday." the chef from the inn at little washington is joining us this morning. to show us how easy it is to join the farm-to-table movement at home.
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plus, my one-on-one interview with actor morgan freeman, he talks about his childhood, his career and his own bucket list. but first, a look at what's hot on [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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the inn at little washington is one of america's finest restaurants. for the last 35 years, the restaurant has been part of the farm-to-table movement that's sweeping this country. the inn, which is located about 150 miles outside of washington has its own garden and incorporates the fresh produce into the tasty menus every day. the chef who is business sis on our set says it's easy for home chefs to do the same thing. he says it's easy. i'm not sure, but he joins us now with a few ideas. >> wonderful to be here. >> we go back a long ways. i think it's been at least 30 years since i first watched you cook. >> but neither of us ever change. >> isn't that good. you certainly don't. talk about the inn at little washington. what is it that makes it so popular that people keep coming
11:24 am
back. >> it's a little like going to a foreign country in a wonderful way, you're just far enough removed from the cares and concerns of the real world to enter into kind of a fantasy cocoon. we were inspired by the great country inns of france and it feels a little bit like going to europe without a passport. >> we're looking at some of the pictures from there. you've got beautiful gardens there. explain the farm-to-table movement. >> we have a resident farmer living on the property and she's grown everything that we have here today. and it started with us out of necessity, nothing was delivered. so all of our neighbors, always had gardens. and they had excess, and they shared and that's how it began. >> we're going to be making asparagus tempura with asian dipping sauce. let me go through the ingredients so folks can write them down. find them on our website later. two bunches of pencil-sized asparagus, trimmed. two quartz of vegetable or
11:25 am
peanut oil. one cup cake flour and very cold soda. for the dipping sauce, rice wine vinegar, nuoc mam fish sauce, sugar, cold water, lime juice. and carrot, cilantro, garlic and jalapeno peppers. and that looks like it's it. and you're going to show us now how to do it patrick. >> thank you. it sounds more complicated than it is. we're going to first make the batter for our tempura. i've had tempura batter all over the world, all through japan. and some of them are very complicated. this one has two ingredients, sometimes the greatest things are the simplest. and this one is simply cake flour, and ice-cold soda water. that's all there is to it. and you can tempura anything. today we're doing asparagus and some little squawk blossoms.
11:26 am
>> let's see what folks look like. >> cake flour and icy-cold soda water. the soda water has bubbles in it which keeps the tempura batter light and lacy and delicate. all we're going to do is mix enough soda water into the flour. to make it resemble buttermilk. and then it will lightly coat whatever we dip into it. and our, that means it's ready. >> our fryer is impatiently asking to be used. >> let's do it then. >> you don't want to overmix, i like to mix with my hands at home. and you just, you can still have a few lumps. you want to get it incorporated enough so that it will coat your veggies. let's try a little squash blossom. >> squash blossom. >> they're so versatile. we'll drop it in here. and drop another one. these are a great little cocktail party treat or a little
11:27 am
first course nibble. and they go with anything. can you stuff them also. we'll flip them around a little bit. >> about how long do they have to cook? >> until they're golden brown. and crisp. >> these are right out of your garden? >> they are, we just picked them this morning. we'll drop a few aspare kbus spears in. these are whole asparagus, they're not blanched. they're raw. and they will get crispy. and then we have a little bernaise sauce here that we keep in a they are mouse. and we're going to pour it into a little glass dish here. and you can even pass these. to your guests who can then pick up the dish. >> and show us how you finish it off. >> we just pop it right here. >> it's beautiful. right there. >> and -- >> we drain these quickly on a little paper plate and they're ready to go, very pretty and
11:28 am
crispy. >> i'm waiting for a commercial so that i can have a bite of this. this is just beautiful. >> a little salt on them while they're hot. >> vegetable tempura with a bernaise sauce and serve it in a little glass and people can have it as a little cocktail. >> absolutely. >> patrick o'connell, we love your food, you're welcome to come back any time and it smells so good in here. i wish people could smell-a-vision would be great. thank you. >> thanks so much, great to be with you. 11:28, coming up in the next half-hour of "news4 midday." opening day. what people can expect from maryland's new casino. health concerns for singer sheryl crow. and dom is back with a look and dom is back with a look at the a much
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right now, about 30 people are looking for a place to stay after a three-alarm fire damaged their apartment complex. the fire broke out at 6:30 this morning at the andrews ridge
11:32 am
apartments in the 5600 block of regency park court in suitland. the fire caused at least a quarter of a million dollars in damage. new at midday, montgomery county police are looking for a man who stabbed and tried to rob a woman this morning. this was the scene around 9:00 this morning over the 100 block of gold kettle drive in gaithersburg. police say the woman was taken to hospital with six stab wounds. she's expected to be okay. police are still looking for the suspect, who they say was last seen leaving the scene on a bicycle. jury selection is moving faster than expected in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is charged with molesting ten boys over the course of 15 years. so far, nine jurors have been seated. they include a retired bus driver, a high school teacher, an engineer and a walmart employee. one is a long-time penn state football season ticket holder. three more jur alternates still need to be chosen. opening arguments are scheduled
11:33 am
to begin next monday. people hoping to strike it rich have a new option today. maryland live will open to the public tonight at 10:00. the casino at the anne arundel mills mall covers three football fields with 32 slot machines, six restaurants and additional retail space. tonight's celebration will include a variety of live entertainment in the casino and on the plaza connecting it to the mall. going to check in with tom kierein for the latest on our forecast. going to be a nice night out there in maryland for the opening of the casino? >> there may be a few showers around early evening. right now, we're seeing some clouds building, this is a live view from our hd sky watcher camera. looking west off in the horizon is tyson's corner in fairfax county. you can see the cumulus clouds beginning to build in a blue sky. they might turn into showers or thundershowers. and in another few hours. right now going back in time over the last 12 hours, we've seen lots of sun over the last couple of hours, around maryland, the district, parts of northern virginia, a lot of
11:34 am
clouds the rest of virginia and southern maryland. they have a few scattered showers right now. and the storms around. right now, temperatures are near 70 degrees. 71 at reagan national. low humidity. gentle light breeze, afternoon highs, climbing into the mid 70s. just a delightful day. but then again by mid to late afternoon. perhaps into the evening, might get a passing shower or thundershower. and then tomorrow, a little warmer after a chilly start into the upper 70s, near 80 and partly sunny and also, rather good chance of some afternoon and evening showers and thundershowers. then here comes the heat. feeling like summertime. friday, into the weekend. highs near 90 by sunday. that's the way it looks right now. barbara? >> thank you, tom. well you may soon notice some big changes when you flag down a cab in the district. the d.c. council gave initial approval to a taxi overhaul bill on tuesday. the most noticeable change, all cabs would be painted the same color. cab companies would be required to install credit card readers and satellite navigation
11:35 am
systems. to all of their vehicles. a final vote is expected later this month. maryland's highest court is putting speed cameras in the spotlight today. the state court of appeals will hear arguments from drivers in montgomery county who claim the cameras should be turned off. the drivers say the cameras break the law because a portion of each traffic fine is paid to the company. that maintains those cameras. montgomery county argues there are no legal issues here. since they, not the private company. operate the cameras, all of the lower court rulings have all sided with police. and we're going to check in again now on the midday traffic. danella, any problems? first let's start with good news. traveling in northwest, 3700 block of new hampshire avenue is now open. your northbound lanes were blocked due to an earlier crash. that's now cleared. now let's talk about road work along the wilson bridge. you can see left lane is blocked here. the cones are up, this is as you're traveling from virginia heading across the wilson bridge
11:36 am
making your way towards maryland. in the local lanes. let's head over to the 14th street bridge. crossing over at 395 northbound into the city, you can see the left lane as well blocked by bridge work again today. barbara, back over to you. >> thanks, danella. singer sheryl crow battled breast cancer. now she has a brain tumor. a spokesperson says it's nothing to be alarmed about, though, the 50-year-old told fans at a recent concert about the tumor. she says she found out last year when she was worried about her memory. she had an mri down, which found a benign tumor known as a meningioma. president barack obama welcomed actor morgan freeman to washington this week as he awarded him the lincoln medal of honor at the forbes theater. i sat down with freeman to talk about his career. some say it was "shawshank redemption." others insist "driving miss daisy." president obama has said it was the early appearances on tv's
11:37 am
"electric company" that made morgan freeman a household name. but morgan freeman says he's always been a household name somewhere. >> i was well known as a little boy. >> i bet you were. >> i was. >> dell me about that. >> i had a paper route when i was a teenager. i was doing, i was acting, i was in plays and stuff. and i remember one sunday i went to collect and i give my little receipts for the paper and i wrote my name on the receipt and gave it to this lady and she said, oh, you're morgan freeman. yes she said, my daughter talks about you all the time. so i was pretty good fish in a very small barrel, mind you. >> that was in greenwood, mississippi, where he moved back home to with his mom and sister when he was about 11 years old. after a stint up north in chicago. >> that was an unusual thing to do, to give up on the north and go back.
11:38 am
why did she go back? >> she wasn't well. my grandmother came up to rescue her. >> oh. my mother was a rolling stone, she was a very -- willful woman. who how can i say about momma? she was strong-willed. but not strong of body. >> did you get your personality from her? >> quite a bit. >> he says his first role at eight years old, was in the play "little boy blue." >> i was little boy blue. >> did you have any lines? >> of course. >> yeah? >> uh-huh. >> do you remember them? >> no. >> from little boy blue to the great white way, broadway and new york city. he proved that he could learn lines and dazzle those who came to watch. people love to watch you. what is it? what's the secret? what's morgan freeman bring to the screen? >> that is not something i can tell you. >> you don't know what it is.
11:39 am
>> i don't know what that is. >> his movie star dreams began as a child. but he was about 50 when he finally made the break through to the big screen. >> what was the breakout role for you? what was the thing that -- >> "street smart." >> yes. >> i liked making movies better than i liked being on stage. >> why? >> i always wanted to be in the movies. all of my acting ambition was to be a movie actor. >> from the earliest days? >> from the very earliest days. >> who are your heros in the movies as a boy? >> anybody. >> but it was mostly cowboys, those western heroes in the movies. >> cowboys, all cowboys. i could name them for you right now if you wanted me to. >> you have to. >> jimmy wakely, johnny mack brown. >> his list went on and on. they were who he wanted to be
11:40 am
someday. >> i have a horse because i always wanted to ride horses. >> and he's done lots of things he could only dream of once upon a time. he sails his own boat. flies his own jet after joining the air force only being allowed back then to work as a mechanic. never a pilot. he overcame any challenges of discrimination, to finally do the things he wanted. and became a big star along the way. >> and the oscar goes to -- morgan freeman "million dollar baby." >> what's next? >> my bucket list? had me doing more historical movies. and getting an academy award for best picture. >> i bet you'll do that. >> of course i will. >> of course he will. 11:40 the time now and still ahead on "news4 midday," we ask
11:41 am
the doctor, today's questions cover everything from adhd to dating a married man. plus we'll hear from a former redskins player who is now coming out of the closet. stay with us. i was paying too much with cable. paying so much, you want better quality. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. get verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing. i was just in a... in a trance watching it. [ male announcer ] choose a two-year contract and get $250 back. don't miss this last chance. fios internet...the speed, you can't compare. i'm able to take care of things much faster now. [ male announcer ] get fios: $99.99 a month for two years with no annual contract. or get $250 back with a two-year contract. last chance... offer ends june 16. is change good? in this case, change is very good. [ male announcer ] call 1.866.569.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities
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that's 1.866.569.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. ♪
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11:44 am
the newest addition to the list of america's most endangered historic places may surprise you. it's the post office. many historic post offices are slated to close due to budget cuts. today preservationists added them as a group to the list of america's most endangered historic places. they say historic sites could be lost in towns and cities both large and small. they want to make it easier for developers to take over the facilities so they can give the buildings new life. bad credit could cost the manassas park school system thousands of dollars. the school board recently tried to borrow $250,000 to lease three school buses. but board members claim cal first, the bank with the best
11:45 am
offer pulled the deal from the table. school leaders suspect it's because of manassas park city's bad credit rating. >> there's no letter of why. no explanation of what happened. so we had two other bids on the table. we took our third bid from alliance bank, which incidentally is in manassas park. >> the third bid is higher than the one that the school district had originally agreed to. city officials say manassas park's credit score fell in recent years as a result of the housing and credit crisis. they say things have picked up and property values are once again on the rise. big gains on wall street this morning. we're going to check in with cnbc's hampton pearson, he joins us with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> hello, barbara, the dow on a two-day winning streak and the rebound when markets open was big enough to move the major averages back into positive territory for the year. right now, we've got the dow up big. 205 points. the nasdaq up 56.
11:46 am
the s&p up 22. u.s. markets following european exchange higher as speculation grows, european politicians will take steps to ease the region's debt crisis. the senate banking committee has been holding a hearing on jpmorgan's trading losses. on the hot seat, the regulators, the office of the control of the currency who is saying that his agency is reviewing wl jpmorgan executives may have to return compensation as a result of the bank's bad trades. next week, ceo jamie dimon is expected to testify on capitol hill. the nasdaq stock exchange is expected to release details on how to compensate banks and brokers from losses suffered from facebook's botched ipo last month. nasdaq's liability for trading glitches are restricted by federal regulators and contracts with its customers to $3 million per month. estimates show banks and brokers losing about $100 million. reports say the nasdaq has
11:47 am
reached out to at least one brokerage firm. and starbucks is striking a deal with coin star, the maker of red box dvd kiosks, they plan to roll out coffee kiosks in supermarkets, drug stores and other retailers. they'll feature starbucks coffee, serving mocha, lattes, coin star's goal, 500 kiosks running by the end of the year. never enough options for caffeine, you know? >> absolutely. thank you, enjoy the day. questions on relationships, depression, adhd and extreme mood swings in children are all part of our ask the doctor segment today. dr. joshua winer joins us with the answers this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, barbara. >> we've got quite a few, let's get started. one from a woman living with a married man and she writes, we've been living together for over 20 years. together we have 29 grandchildren, we've talked about marriage, but he has yet
11:48 am
to divorce his wife. what do you say? >> i say first of all, the email goes on to say that the house that they own and live in is only owned by him and her name is not on the title and i think what she needs to do first off is she needs to sit down with this man. she needs to read him the riot act. he needs to understand that her depression and her suicide attempts in recent years are at least in some part due to the fact that he has not been willing or able to leave his wife. even though he's been with this woman for 36 years. >> could there be some financial reason for not wanting to divorce the wife? >> you know, who knows? i don't know, but one thing i do think is that she needs to contact a lawyer herself. she needs to find out what she's entitled to. given that she spent 36 years with this guy, they've been living in the same house together for 20 years, if he dies, none of it will go to her. it will probably go to his wife. >> i guess she does need a lawyer in that case. let's in move on to the next question. i am a 21-year-old college
11:49 am
student, i've been depressed for more than three years, i've tried at least five different antidepressant medications and i've also been in therapy, but neither has helped. i have thought about suicide and i'm desperate for some help. what else can i do? >> i have a couple of thoughts. one is that i don't know whether this person has been seeing their internist or whether they've seen a psychiatrist. i do think it's important to see a specialist. i think if you're dealing with these problems and they haven't been fixed yet, you want to see somebody who deals with this all the time. secondly, i think this person may want to consider something called electro-convulsive therapy. this is the old shock therapy. we know that antidepressants work in about 65% of people and they take about a month or two to work. shock therapy works for about 93% of people and it works within days. electro-convulsive therapy is still the most effective treatment we have out there. >> the most common side effect is short-term memory loss, that can last for about a month. where you forget some of the things that occurred around the
11:50 am
time of your treatments, but otherwise it's generally very well tolerated and very effective. i have a college patient in my practice, who just had act. i talked to her yesterday, she is doing phenomenally well. so it does work. >> let's take a question on adhd. i'm the mother of a fourth grade boy, his teachers think he may have adhd, since he's easily distracted, hyperactive and very forgetful. he's able to focus for a long time when he's doing things he likes. does he have adhd? >> i think it's still very possible that he may have adhd. this is one of the common misconceptions that people have. and i hear this a lot in my practice. they'll say, but he can concentrate for a couple of hours when he's reading something he likes or playing video games. there are people who have the worst cases of adhd, but when they're interested in something, they can do hyperfocusing where it's actually very hard to pull them away from something they're interested in. this does not discount the possibility of adhd. >> he needs to be tested. >> absolutely. >> another question, my
11:51 am
8-year-old son is generally happy. does fine in school and has lots of friends, however, when he gets really upset or angry he sometimes says he hates himself and wishes he was dead. he will also hit himself in the head with his fists, we worry about the behaviors and wonder if this is a sign of psychiatric problem. >> i would say they don't have too much to worry about right now. because it sounds like he's doing very well socially, and he's got lots of friends, he's generally a pretty happy kid from the email. when children are really upset particularly at this age, they sometimes will do these sorts of things. i think it's largely as a way to express their frustration and also to get some negative attention if their parents. so the one piece of advice i have for the parents is to just ignore it. walk away. don't make a big deal out of it. if you make a big deal out of it. you're likely going to encourage him to do this. >> it sounds like good advice to me. thanks so much. we'll see you next week. it's 11:51. and coming up, harper saves the
11:52 am
game. plus, meteorologist tom kierein will be back with the latest chance for rain, stay with us.
11:53 am
11:54 am
this is a picture that will make any parent's heart stop for a moment.
11:55 am
police in colorado took this photo during a recent traffic stop as part of a click it or ticket campaign. as you can see, a toddler is not properly restrained and sitting next to a gas can belted into a car seat. police call it one of the most extreme incidents they've ever seen. the mother, who is behind the wheel, was not wearing a seat belt. neither was a 14-year-old passenger, the mother was cited for no proof of insurance and three counts of seat belt violation. a former redskin who never even played a down in a regular season game is making headlines this morning. that's because wade davis is coming out of the closet. the former cornerback attended training camps for the skins, the seahawks and the titans between 2000, and 2003, but never made a regular-season roster. he said he knew he was gay in high school but never went public with his sexual orientation out of fear he may lose his job. >> i want anyone, whether you're the first man or the 25th man or the last man or even someone on
11:56 am
the practice squad to come out and say you know what, i'm gay, i'm still a great athlete and i'm even better human being. >> davis now does campaign work for president obama. he encourages any gay athlete to go public with his or her sexual orientation. well it's another first for the nats, bryce harper -- >> that ball is hit hard -- and that's the game winner! bryce harper, the nats win it 7-6. >> the rookie phenom got the game-winning hit in the bottom of the 12th inning to lead the nats to a 7-6 victory over the mets. the first walkoff hit for harper's career. the narkts are now 31-22 on the season and a full game ahead of the marlins for first place in the national league east. we'll look at the stories we'll be following this afternoon. coming up this afternoon on news4 at 4:00, a miss usa contestant said the pageant is fixed. but owner donald trump fires back with a lawsuit.
11:57 am
we'll have that story for you coming up at 4:00. plus an extraordinary act of sportsmanship. a runner who had just won a state championship will likely be remembered more for a race than where she came in. she came in last, but we'll tell you what she did in that race that makes her memorable. we're staying on top of the redskins decision to move their training camp out of ashburn. how it will impact local businesses that rely on the team and fans for revenue. and we have a chance for one more look at the beautiful forecast for today. here's tom. >> low humidity, a nice gentle breeze. temperatures now beginning to climb a little bit. there is the view from space. we have some clouds that are clustered into the southern shenandoah valley. parts of southern maryland, lower eastern shore. those have been producing a few sprinkles over the last couple of hours. elsewhere it is partly cloudy and just beautiful. reagan national now at 72, probably going to make the mid 70s throughout much of the region late they are afternoon with the small chance of an isolated shower or thundershower
11:58 am
and maybe more widespread but still only about a 40% chance tomorrow. and the heat is on for friday into the weekend. feeling like summertime. upper 80s saturday, near 90s sunday. getting rather humid first part of next week. have great afternoon, enjoy. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> all right, tom, see you then. and that's "news4 midday" for today. we thank you for being with us, invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and we'll be back tomorrow morning at 11:00. until then, have a terrific day and we'll see you in the morning.
11:59 am
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